About Us

My journey began when I lived in Japan, Osaka Shiga-Ken. During the four years of living in Japan, the atmosphere of Onsen, a family oriented Japanese spa, made me feel emotionally magical in a way I never dreamed possible. Their holistic health and wellness approach gave me a sense of rejuvenation of body, spirit, and mind, which ultimately changed my path, my career, and paved the way for my business, Wellness Suites.

The purpose of our establishment and our staff is to add a holistic health and wellness approach to the typical spa experience. It is our philosophy to ensure the highest quality service through understanding each guest's needs while educating them on their specific needs and desires in health. 

We welcome you to stop by our spa to experience the hospitality and enjoy the same care I received and that you deserve!


Holistic Health & Wellness

Holistic health is a form of healing in which the body is not viewed as a series of parts in isolation, but rather as a dynamically integrated living system; It takes into account the person as a whole: body, mind, and spirit. This often involves multiple complimentary medicines and alternative healthcare practices that can overlap with modern-day western medicine but will go beyond the singular treatment of symptoms to support more than just the body.

Holistic health and wellness are sustained by eight pillars: physical, nutritional, emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual, financial, and environmental. The path to wellness is not one-size-fits-all, the journey is unique and different for each individual, that’s why your approach should be personalized and WE ARE HERE TO GUIDE YOU.