Benefits Of Facial Salt Scrub Massage

Facial Massage | Salt Scrub Benefits

Sinus/ mucus/ cold / flu:

Over producing mucus, we can decongest the fluids in the lymph node

Lymph node is a collection of tissue with white blood cell that help fight infection or kills virus and bacterial

Lymph node needs drainage in order to remove that bad toxin

Beauty Glow (anti-aging):

Not all wrinkles remedies come from plastic surgery. Facial massage is great alternative way to reduce water retention and regenerate your skin to look flawless. The best time frame for a facial massage is in the morning, after you have a good night rest, the massage helps boost the circulation of the water renovation which reduce puffiness. This therapy is done frequently and stimulate cell growth by norishing the blood flow to the skin. It also helps tightening the facial muscles and tension from your face prevent further wrinkles.

Soften forehead lines

Increase circulation to help stimulate collagen reduce and prevent wrinkles

Depuff your eyes or soften the Crow' Feet (Periorbital)

Eye swollen

Pushes excess fluid out

Define your Cheeks

Sculpt cheek bones from buildup of muscle tissue

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