Selenite Angel Crystal

Due to the saltwater formation of selenite and our own saltwater beginnings, we resonate with the very essence of this crystal. Can it be that our illumination into the light has been assisted with selenite throughout our evolution, and it’s one of the key tools to keeping us in balance? The answer is found in the healing energy within this powerful crystal. Selenite is an element of creation. Intensifying the light frequency, the resurgence of Selenite enhances our consciousness. Returning to this energetic element and tool now, at this point in history, enables us to create and intensify new seeds of consciousness. Selenite is extremely sensitive, and acts just like “liquid light” from the angelic realm and universe. The crystals’ striations (fine parallel grooves and narrow bands) are the pathways for the illuminated substance of Spirit. Selenite vibrates more on the spiritual level than on the physical, and resides on the threshold between pure white light and physical matter. This crystal is capable of displaying total transparency, and is the very essence of dreams and visions. Selenite builds and acts as the bridge to merge the highest frequencies of light with the most subtle levels of form. It’s so sensitive, selenite will fracture or break around extreme negative thoughts.

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