Toenail & Nail Problem

Healing & Cure the Fungus Nail toenails, Holistic Approach | that It is a medical fact that the earlier you start to treat your nail fungus problem, the better it will respond to treatment. The longer you leave your toenail fungus problem, the worse it will become, the more difficult it will be to cure, and the longer you will suffer from nail fungus. Toenail & Nail Fungus Treatment Oxygenated Remedy and Pink Himalayan Salt & Ozone is one of the most effective active ingredients used in our cream. Ozone is a bio-active & Raw Himalayan Pink Salt, consisting of 3 oxygen atoms as well Himalayan Salt, We use this ingredient to flood the infected area with oxygen (H2O2). Ozone and salt Himalayan Salt Treatment has exceptional anti–microbial properties. Our Research we have developed a effective treatment which acts against the fungi which cause skin & nail fungus. We have created a bio-oxidive treatment. By combining one powerful anti-fungal agent and infusing it with oxygen (in the form of ozone) combined with salt therapy we can not only control these infections but kill the fungi that cause them, without the harmful side effects of liver and heart damage. Fungi are anaerobic and cannot exist in the heightened oxygen environment stimulated by exposure to ozone. Athletes Foot, Jock Itch, tinea & nail fungus; are anaerobic forms of fungi. Such fungal infections exist and proliferate with little or no oxygen present. Significantly, when cellular oxygen levels are increased, these anaerobic infections can't replicate, can't proliferate, can't survive.

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