The seasons change, our hair is subjected to the shift in climate which affects its strength and shine. Coloring, styling and even increasing pollution add to our hair woes meaning it is often too easy to have a bad hair day. Beauty specialists find new products and treatments to get healthy lustrous hair. Two such recent treatment options are Hair Botox and keratin. But what are the advantages in using Hair Botox over keratin and vice-versa? At Wellness Suites Weston Hair Salon Spa can be one of you best choice 1348 SW 160th Ave Weston Fl 33326

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What is hair botox?

We think it’s only right that we start by explaining what exactly hair botox is. Hair botox is a hair treatment that claims to help eliminate frizz, as it smooths and “turns back the time” on your hair clock.

The anti-ageing hair treatment (hence the catchy name) is not a chemical treatment, rather, it’s a deep conditioning treatment that helps restore and reconstruct your hair, using key ingredients such as proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and lipids. Basically, hair botox rebuilds and fills in any gaps in the hair fibres, leaving it silky, shiny, and more youthful-looking.

So, what is the difference between hair botox and a keratin treatment?

Many keratin treatments involve chemicals (typically formaldehyde) which can produce a rather unpleasant odour and sometimes cause an irritation for those who have a sensitive scalp. However, as we mentioned earlier, hair botox isn’t a chemical treatment – so, you can worry less about strong odours or scalp sensitivities (hooray!).

Are there any side effects to hair botox treatments?

Hair botox is free of harsh chemicals and considered to be a deep conditioning treatment, which looks to help repair damaged hair. Simply put: you’re quite unlikely to get any nasty side effects with it. However, like most things: moderation is key.

So, we suggest getting a consultation at a reputable salon and having the treatment done by a trained professional. They will able to suggest and advise you on the best treatment options, as well as the recommended frequency of the treatment.

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