As seasons change, our hair is subjected to the shift in climate which affects its strength and shine. Coloring, styling and even increasing pollution add to our hair woes meaning it is often too easy to have a bad hair day. Beauty specialists find new products and treatments to get healthy lustrous hair. Two such recent treatment options are Hair Botox and keratin. But what are the advantages in using Hair Botox over keratin and vice-versa? In this oneHOWTO article we explain what Hair Botox and keratin are and help you decide Hair Botox or keratin - which is better? Hair Botox and Keratin are two different hair treatments which claim to give you beautiful, healthy and shiny hair. Both these treatments eliminate frizzy hair which is one of the main hair troubles of today’s women. They also have a smoothing effect on hair due to which your styling time decreases significantly. However, Keratin has more of a straightening effect. This means even very frizzy hair has the potential to be smoothed and straightened with keratin. Botox provides more of a rejuvenation process. It strengthens your hair and will leave it smooth, but if you have curly hair it will not likely straighten it completely. It may not straighten curly hair, but it can give a delightful wavy effect which can look wonderful.

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