Benefits Of Cryo Facial

Cryofacials can rejuvenate your skin without exposing you to the toxic chemicals used in many conventional treatments. This safe, all-natural therapy is revolutionizing skin care and reversing the aging process for devotees all over the world.

Your skin takes on many toxins in the course of a day: Polluted air, unclean water, processed foods and even stress take their toll. Regular cryotherapy treatments flush out toxin deposits so that natural nutrients can work their magic. The result is healthy, radiant skin.

Most lesions on the skin surface are removed during weekly facials, and remaining blemishes heal faster. Cryotherapy also has anti-bacterial properties that hold pimples at bay.

Collagen is the most prevalent structural protein in our bodies. It’s found in the skin and other connective tissues.

Since cryofacials stimulate collagen production, your skin will start to tighten for a smoother, more even-toned complexion. Over time, you’ll develop fewer wrinkles. Existing fine lines and wrinkles will be less visible.

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