Body Detox Chi Lymphatic

Body Detox healing therapy:

Sit in comfort and watch the toxins as they release through your feet into the ion energy charged footbath. You will be amazed at what you see. The Aqua Chi Lymphatic Foot Bath stimulates detoxification and assists the body to balance its bio-energy fields.

Detoxify your lymphatic system Release candida, parasites, heavy metals, toxins & more Sleep better and have more energy Increase your sense of well being Detoxify your liver, gallbladder, kidney & bladder Improve flexibility and joint mobility.

This relaxing and cleansing process assists in eliminating accumulated toxins from the body's free flowing lymphatic system through the 2,000 sweat glands in each foot. The Detox Foot Bath combines the life-giving properties of water with a specialized bio-electric charge, which enhances and amplifies the body's ability to heal, dramatically increase energy levels and help detoxify your body.

The negative ions created during a session are similar to those found in hot springs and other naturally charged water sources known to be beneficial to the to the body. As a Detox and Health Center we find this to be an extremely beneficial therapy. It can also be used as an addition to compliment our other detox therapies.Some clients have reported the following benefits:

Enhanced Immunity Increased Vitality Pain & Stress relief Detoxification and Neutralization of toxins

What exactly is the Foot Bath?

The Ionic Foot Bath includes Lymphatic stimulation and Infra Red Foot Massage - that’s 3 therapies in one appointment. You lay fully dressed on a massage table and put your feet into a machine that moves you from side to side stimulating your lymph system for 10 minutes. This oxygenates your whole body and starts to move toxins. Then you sit in a comfortable chair and place your feet into the water that has a module in it. This draws toxins out through your feet.

You are able to see the toxins release and watch the water change color right in front of your eyes. Sometimes by the time we have finished the water is black! We do this for 30 minutes.

Then we rinse and dry your feet and place them onto our infrared foot massager for 10 minutes. This stimulates reflexology points and the infra red reduces inflammation on a cellular level.

The whole process takes approx 1 hour. When you are finished you and your feet feel fantastic. This therapy can be done alone or combined with a colon therapy treatment for increased detoxification.

The ionization process of the Detox foot spa pulls toxins out of your body through your elimination routes (colon, skin, breath, urine). Ions energize the body and neutralize a myriad of toxins.

These neutralized microscopic particles then pass easily through the skin and tissue and are deposited in the water or sloughed naturally through sweat, bile and urine pathways. Most people are shocked at the different colors that the water will turn, even after just a few minutes of using the foot bath.

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