Benefits Of Detoxing Your Body

Detoxing is a great way for cleansing the body of toxins that have you experiencing digestive issues, weakness, bloating, nausea, mood swings and skin issues. Detox drinks help to boost energy, cleanse the liver, aid weight loss, reduce inflammation and promote skin health.

Detox diets come in many forms, although most involve some sort of fast (water, juice or broth), and are followed by a period of clean eating. Some include smoothies, supplements, herbs, teas, enemas, and other methods of promoting detoxification.

Out of the many toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis that we have little to no control over, such as environmental toxins in the air we breathe, toxins that come from the food and beverages we consume are largely controllable. Many health experts agree that toxic load (the amount of toxins our body is able to handle) is responsible for a considerable amount of diseases in modern day society.

Buying organic produce (fruits and vegetables), along with organic and grass-fed meat and wild fish, seriously decreases the amount of toxins you take in on a day to day basis.

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