Micro Current Detox

Frequency Specific Microcurrent can treat some very difficult to manage conditions because it manages the tissues that cannot be reached with other forms of manual therapy. For example, there is a specific type of fibromyalgia associated with spine trauma that is particularly painful and difficult to treat. When Low voltage micro currents detox is used, the outcome is astonishing.

There is another frequency combination, (and only one frequency combination) that has been observed to eliminate pain in our guest. All of them very often find that their pain is eliminated at the same day few minutes after finish the treatment and causes the lesions to dry up and disappear in approximately two to three days.

There is one frequency combination that so far has been 100% effective in eliminating kidney stone pain. This frequency combination does nothing to remove the stone; it only eliminates pain, have much reduced pain and a greatly accelerated healing process at Wellness Suites Weston.

Microcurrent was introduced in the United States as a detox therapy modality in the late 1980s. Frequency Specific Microcurrent Detox Therapy as we know it today was developed and continues to be improved upon used.the study's of this treatment a a holistic recently a

clinical protocols have been developed. Frequency protocols are sequences of frequencies observed to have a certain clinical effect in various conditions. Lab studies have proven that we can reduce inflammation and eliminate pain in many cases after treatment.

Because such small current is used, it is susceptible to the hydration level of the recipient. In order to gain full benefit from this tool, you must be well hydrated. It is recommended that on the days of this therapy, you drink 8-10 glasses of water (not tea, coffee, etc) prior to your session. At a minimum, we recommend 1 quart in the 2 hours prior to your treatment.

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