Cupping therapy is something that not many people are familiar with, despite the fact that it dates as far back as 3000 B.C. For those who are wondering what the fuss is all about, cupping is all about circulation! What it does is bringing the blood back to the areas which are difficult to reach by sucking the skin into a cup, releasing the tissue under the skin which wraps around the muscles. The process involves heating small glass cups, placing them on the skin, and pulling them away from the body to promote blood flow and relax the muscles. As strange as it seems, athletes like Michael Phelps and celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow swear by it. Here reasons why you should try it out as well! It relieves pain It has been scientifically shown that cupping relieves pain, including cancer pain. By stimulating the soft tissue with pressure applied to the painful points, cupping improves blood flow and supplies the tissues with nutrients and oxygen. By utilizing heat and pressure near the injury, practitioners allow the energy to pass thro. Poor circulation is associated with toxic build up, which then leads to various health problems. Cupping improves stagnation and carries away all the toxins and dead cells, expelling them in an all-natural way.

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