Healing Therapy

Initial consultation Hands-on- healing (Reiki) Cupping & acu-treatment with nutritional counseling Herbal recommendations and lifestyle coaching

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treats patients for all types of ailments whether -physically, psychologically or spiritually.

TCM treats Internal or External conditions- from Pediatric to Geriatric age ranges. As a Complete Health Care System, includes practices to govern diet and nutrition,exercise & psycho-spirituality; along with the more specialized practices of Acupuncture, Intuitive healing, homeopathy, Herbal medicine, Qigong, Laser, Injection therapies & more. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) originated out of Taoist beliefs established over 5,000 years ago. Today TCM has been refined & adapted, but many of the practices are performed as they have been for thousands of years - with as great of successes.