Lymphatic Dranaige Facial

At first, I thought it was some machine she used to massage my face, but come to find out it was her gentle and dare I say, magical hands. Because I liked the effects so much I decided to do some internet research and see if I could replicate her system.

Of course YouTube offered some of the best information on this and a long with my experience of Mitchiko’s magical hands, I joined them to create this simple step-by-step

The lymph system is part of the body’s natural defense system. Through self massage you can aid your lymph system to deliver nutrients to your cells and carry away cellular waste, bacteria, and toxins.

In fact, a full-body lymphatic massage can aid in all types of swelling from surgery, injury recovery, to fatigue. In cases such as these it’s best to see an experienced massage specialist.

Just like a full body massage helps to relieve stress in the body, gentle caressing of the face muscles will smooth away stress and fatigue awakening a more vibrant you. As well, self-massage makes you feel good, contributing to a positive self-image.I like to do my facial massaging after I wash my face in the evening because I can take my time. I do it in the morning if I have an important event to go to and I definitely do it when I feel mucussy. (Is that a word? It should be because we’ve all been there!) Lymphatic facial massage really helps to drain the fluids that can build up in your sinus area due to cold or allergies.

  • Whenever you feel tired.

  • Whenever you want to look less puffy.

  • Whenever you want to do something nice for yourself.

  • When you want some mucus relief from allergies or a cold.

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