Scalp Facial Treatment

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Organic product.Non-Surgical Procedures. 

What it is: An exfoliating treatment to relieve dryness and restore moisture for a perfectly balanced scalp. What it does: This powerful, luxurious treatment gently and effectively scrubs away dirt, oil, and flaky buildup to restore moisture and relieve dryness. 

There’s a new salon at Bergdorf Goodman that is focused not on your hair, but on your scalp. “Women get facials, they get their manicure, they get their hair done and their whole body scrubbed,” says Jenny Boggio , a skincare professional at Wellness,  which opened at the 1348 SW 160th Av 33326.

The only thing that’s missing in all treatments is their scalp treatment .” Scalp care is the new skin care. Beauty companies as Wellness Suites Weston, have recently launched scalp scrubs, shampoos or treatments. And an increasing number of spas as our Salon are increasingly adding scalp “facials” to their natural treatments, which promise that scrubs and lengthy scalp massages for around $90 to $120 will reduce dirt, debris and gunk that clog your follicles. John Barrett’s treatment, which includes a scalp steam and a blowout, goes for $250.