Benefits Of Lymphatic Drainage

Apart from promoting healthy lymph drainage, lymphatic massage boasts of other health benefits. Since it stimulates lymph flow, it helps enhance the immune system. Lymphatic massage also promotes tissue regeneration. As such, it can help fractures heal easily.

Lymphatic method is primarily indicated in lymphedema, or the accumulation of fluid (lymph.) It is characterized by swelling and discomfort on or near the affected areas. It can manifest during puberty and adulthood, although it is highly common in patients who have undergone breast surgery (mastectomy.) It occurs due to the removal of breast or axillary lymph nodes.

It is also indicated for lymphedema in the legs. This case usually takes place after prostate, bladder, colon or melanoma surgery. Lymphedema can also develop following infection, radiation treatment or surgery.

Although lymphatic massage is primarily indicated for lymphedema management, it is indicated for the following as well:

  • Treatment of sports injuries

  • Scar formation therapy

  • Enhancement of skin quality

  • Listlessness

1. For Pregnancy and After

For pregnant and lactating women, LDT gives comfort especially in legs and feet when fluid retention strikes. Considering the problems with blocked ducts and sore tight breasts of these superb Moms, breast feeding would be enhanced by this treatment.

2. For Healing

How about reducing pain and discomfort during surgery, injury or headache? This gentle massage therapy treatment would do the trick. Decongesting the swollen and sore tissues through therapy, pain and discomfort would be reduced.

3. For Skin-care

For the conscious gals out there, skin care routine like applying cleanser, toner and moisturizer, is a must-have. But, the use of the said massage would cause additional, visible results like a clearer complexion, reduced puffiness around the eyes, and lessened appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead.

4. For Toxin-removal

Another help is its ability to ease the body in times of haggardness. To note, the system’s function helps lessen the lethargic approach of a person brought on by too much starchy, high fat foods and too little workout.

5. For Relaxation

And your level of well-being is enhanced as you feel cleansed and rejuvenated. With the gentle treatment, the feeling is quite soothing.

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