Anti-pollution Facial

Antipollution Detox Cleanser facial uses creams and masks enriched with free-radical fighting agents like vitamin A, beta-carotene and vitamin E. Pollutants are first removed and the skin is then deep cleansed in this procedure. This is recommended for people who have to be outdoors often-on account of their work.

When it comes to how many fine lines and wrinkles you'll get, genetics are your skin's public enemy number one. But, number two? The air. As in, the air you're breathing in right now.

You know all about the damaging effects that the sun can have on your complexion, but the smog, particulate matter (minuscule particles of soot and dirt), and other grime in the air can also wreak havoc on your skin. Overexposure to these toxins can lead to premature visible signs of aging—the very fine lines and wrinkles you might be trying to avoid.

The only way to really avoid pollution is by never going outside again. Becoming a recluse is probably not a viable option for most of us, here's the alternative solution: adding an anti-pollution product to your skincare routine. These antioxidant-rich formulas form an invisible shield between your skin and the air's smog and debris to prevent premature signs of aging caused by pollution.

Since the first day of spring is finally almost here and it's inevitable that you're going to be spending more time outside, what better excuse to start using a product that's going to protect your skin from the air's toxins?

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