Sinus Treatment Himalayan Salt Room, Salt therapy will ease your sinusitis symptoms by opening the blockages in the sinus tract. Other symptoms of sinusitis include difficulty breathing, a blocked nose and thick, Salt therapy will also assist in protecting you against further sinus infections as it. The natural healing properties found in salt through Himalayan salt therapy.

Walls and floor of this special room are covered with sea salt Sinus Holistic Treatment with proximal Bio-acupuncture points patch or Low frequency energy causes significantly increased bioelectric amplitudes in distal acupuncture points along the same meridian. The same was not true of non-acupuncture points in similar regions of the body.

The researchers note that the measurements indicate “electrophysiological uniqueness in the form of a greater bioelectric potential amplitude when a proximal acu-point is stimulated and the response is measured at a distal acu-point along the same meridian.”#acupuncture is great for #sinusitis and other #sinus issues especially for my #pregnant mamas who can’t use many #decongestants #Baby's sinus treatment It’s a quick, relaxing way to feel better and heal faster! #live-life.

Salt Therapy is a natural gentle, non invasive, drug free therapy that offers support to the relief of sinus symptoms. By sitting in our specially designed salt room, your respiratory system will be exposed to microscopic dry aerosol particles of salt that are inhaled into the nasal and sinus area. Salt has natural anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce symptoms and relieve inflammation and congestion in the sinus area.

As the dry salt is breathed in, it passes through the nasal airways breaking up or loosening congestion, helping the body to expel any excess mucus or dry up the sniffle and post nasal drip that can be present with some sinus issues.Salt Therapy works well as a preventative treatment as we are constantly breathing in pollutants and allergens which can irritate the sinus.

Breathing in salt as part of your ongoing maintenance can help the body to heal faster and remove irritants fast. Salt Therapy is not a cure; it is a support for your lungs to help open and relieve inflammation and congestion throughout your airways.

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