Facts About Scalp Pigmentation

Scalp tattoos have a long history in many cultures. However, it’s only in the last decade that this method has been offered as a way to fight against hair loss. An article at edrugstore.com lists nine things to know before deciding if SMP is right for you.

  1. The goal of SMP is to create a look of having tightly cropped hair by injecting hundreds of tiny dots of pigment below the outermost layers of scalp skin. This creates an illusion of stubble. As such, SMP lacks the tactile feel of stubble.

  2. SMP is not the same as a scalp tattoo. In traditional tattoos, the ink is injected deeper into the skin. While a tattoo artist may offer to perform a scalp tattoo, SMP practitioners advise against this. This is because the way SMP is done means that the colour of the pigment will not fade or change over time, which will happen with standard tattoos.

  3. The needles used to perform SMP are thinner that those used in regular tattooing. They are not perfectly round because follicles themselves are not perfectly round.

  4. The procedure is not as painful as tattooing but may be a bit uncomfortable for those with a low threshold of pain. Topical anaesthetic may be used.

  5. it’s best to stick with a conservative hairline as a hairline that is too low may look unrealistic. You will discuss this issue during your consultation.

  6. Picking the best possible technician is important. It’s advised that you look at pictures of a technician’s previous work. Like with anything else that is a permanent procedure, you should be sure you’re getting the best before you commit. The Vinci Hair Clinic offers SMP done to the highest possible standards— see our website for details.

  7. SMP can be used in conjunction with other hair restoration techniques. It’s ideal for those who have worn hairpieces or people with patches of baldness. The underlying scalp can be injected with pigment to lessen the visual impact of hair loss. It can also be used to cover failed transplant scars.

  8. The procedure takes two to three sessions. While the colour may fade slightly over time, touch ups can be done to maintain it. It is advised that an SMP recipient wear sun screen on the scalp because sunlight may cause the colour to fade.

  9. The price of the procedure depends on the area being covered and the complexity. Covering up scars may increase the cost.

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